SLIM REEFER Pre Rolled Paper Cone FILLING Machine For Use with Electric Vibrating Base Table

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SLIM Reefer pre rolled cone filler machine is made from a durable, light weight, high performance plastic which has low friction and wear properties making it perfect for use on the vibrating base.

The filler is washable using dish soap and water or by using cleaning solutions.

SLIM Reefer Filling Device is specifically made only to fit the Cones® Brand 109mm SLIM REEFER Size ( 0.5 gram ) Pre Rolled Cones w/ 40mm filter tip. 

The RAW Lean Cones and J-Ware Cones will not fit in this filling device.

PLEASE NOTE >>> The Cones pre roll filling machine requires an electric vibrating base (SC-200-0051) that is sold separately. Filler will not work without the vibrating base.

Paper size use this size chart. All amounts provided are estimates only. 

0.4 grams = SINGLE SIZE 70mm

0.6 grams = SMALL 84mm

1.0 grams = MEDIUM 98mm

0.5 grams = SLIM (REEFER) 109mm ( 4 inch paper )

1.1 grams = KING DELUXE 109mm

1.3 grams = KING 109mm

1.8 grams = PARTY 140mm

3.8 grams = SUPER SIZED 180mm

13.2 grams = GIGA MEGA 280mm

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