Mylar Bag Foot Pedal Heat Sealing Machine (18 Inch)

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18" Mylar Bag Sealer w/Foot Pedal


Foot operated and used in sealing all types of Mylar and plastic packaging material.


Include Features:


  • Seals up to 17" wide using energy efficient impulse seal.
  • Easy to operate foot pedal allowing 2 hands to hold bags.
  • Energy efficient and requires no heat up time.
  • Gets hot only when the pedal is depressed and cools quickly after use.
  • Adjustable timer ensures the same quality seal every time.  A small work table in front of sealing jaws to hold product while sealing.
  • Durable metal chassis
  • Includes tool kit, sealing element, and roll of Teflon insert the material between the two sealing bars. Press down the foot pedal and release.


Assembly is required

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