Manual 109mm Filling Device (36 Cone Capacity) & Bx 64 King SZ 109mm Pre Rolled Paper Cones

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Manual 109mm Cone Filling Device allows users to easily mass fill 109mm pre rolled paper cones in the most convenient way possible.  The filling machine has a sturdy plastic base with a strong foam topper which makes this filler lightweight yet very durable.


  • Fits 109mm Pre Rolled Paper Cones w/ 20mm filter tips.
  • Manual filling device is made from Hard Styrofoam
  • A Plastic Pole For Spinning Contents Into Cones
  • Rolls 36 Cones in approximately 7 minuets. 
Order comes with:
  • 1 - 109mm Fill Device
  • 1  - BX 64 Pre Rolled 109mm Paper Cones

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