MANUAL 98mm & 109mm Paper Cone FILLING Device for 20mm Filter Tip

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COOLBOX Manual 20mm Filter Tip 98mm / 109mm Paper Cones Filling Device 

Simply grind up enough tobacco or herb to fill the amount of cones placed in the coolbox. Raise the coolbox into the filling position and the cones will drop down into the machine, allowing for you to quickly and easily fill all of the cones with no mess or waste! This cones filling machine is by far one of the best filler ever.

Features : 

  • Fills 120 Paper Cones At A Time 
  • Made From Hard Styrofoam
  • Features Suction Cups On Base To Prevent Slipping
  • Will work with eight paper sizes, SC-0001, SC-0004, SC-0005, SC-0007, SC-0010, SC-0011, SC-0012, SC-0013,and will not work with reefers 40mm filter or  26mm filter tip cones 

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