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FRESH420 is the safest and most cost effective method for keeping herb as fresh and potent as possible. DRY HERB SUCKS only because there is not enough moisture inside the herb, which results in a decrease in aroma, color, flavor and potency. 

  • Herb that has not been cured properly will lack potency, while also tasting both harsh and acidic.

  • Fresh420 humidifier packet will provide the additional moisture needed in jars which allows the product to achieve its full potential.

The desired humidity level for the inside of herbal jars is between 62 and 68%, yet this level can not be achieved by simply storing herbs in a jar. Without the additional moisture provides to herb, the inside of the jars will never rise above a humidity level of 55%, which is a moisture level that will lower the potency of herbs as each day passes.

In less than a week, it will raise the moisture level inside jar to the desired 62-68% range. Keep in mind that there is no set humidity % that is perfect for herbs, because it is a matter of personal preference. Remove the lids of jars on a daily basis (burping) and simply remove Fresh packet when herbs feels precisely the way desired.

Never fill jars more than 75% full with herbs, since bunching the herbs together will harm the particles making them harder to burn. Also, making enough room for the herbs to move around when shaking the jars before opening. 

  • The best jars for storing herbs are 1 quart wide mouth glass mason jars, which can be found (cheaply) at every major retail chain.

Stop placing produce (apple slices, carrots, orange peels, etc.) inside jars to hydrated, and switch to FRESH420.

"Multiple pesticides and fungicides are sprayed onto produce shipments so they don’t rot during long shipping and storing periods. Apple slices, carrots and orange peels covered in pesticide residues are certainly the last things wanted sealed inside a jar with herbs that will be inhaled."

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