62% Boveda Humidity Packs 8 gram 300/Box

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This 300 pack box features the 8 gram size pack with a 62% humidity level. These packs are suggested to be used with 14 - 28 grams of medication!

Boveda Humidity Packs are the best way to keep medication fresh! These two way humidifiers preserve the precise humidity atmosphere for any item which it is packaged with.

  • Two Way Humidifiers
  • 62% Humidity Control
  • 8 Grams per packet
  • Dimensions: 2.5 inch x 2.75 inches 
  • Qty 300/Box
Choose the Right Humidity:

58% Herbal

62% Herbal

65% Cigars

69% Cigars, Food

72% Cigars, Case Seasoning, Reeds

75% Cigars, Case Seasoning 

84% Humidor Seasoning, Case Seasoning, Snuff, Reeds

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