47 Dram ( 175cc ) Plastic Packer White Opaque Bottles w/ Screw Top Lids & Pressure Sensitive Tamper Seal Liners 510/Box

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White Packer Wide Mouth HDPE Plastic Bottles

  • 47 Dram / 6 oz. / 175 cc
  • 45/400 cap size
  • Diameter 2.2 in.
  • Height 4 in.
  • 510 per box per order


Featuring very large openings, so filling and dispensing is a snap.

Making them ideal for pharmaceutical and medical products .

HDPE Plastic construction combines a soft, squeezable finish with an opaque appearance, (non-see through) lightweight and shatter resistant .

Each HDPE WIDE MOUTH BOTTLE (Packer) includes a white polypropylene cap with a pressure sensitive liner.

State Compliant Child Resistant Packaging

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