16-Foot Geodesic Greenhouse 202 Square Feet

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16-Foot Geodesic Greenhouse 202 Square Feet


Greenhouses are made to withstand the elements and combined with high quality materials yet less than half the price per square foot of growing space compared to similar greenhouses.

The geodesic shape of the greenhouse can withstand winds up to 100 mph, plus all types of inclement and hot weather. In addition, the strength of geodesic domes is that they help distribute load throughout the whole structure.

The rounded shape helps to deflect wind and snow to slide off making it ideal throughout the year. Interior benefits of the dome shape allow for superior air circulation, removing the possibility of cold corners, such as those found in rectangular greenhouses and shelters.

A geodesic structure provides the most volume for the least amount of surface area, save energy, material costs and labor.


  • Woven rip stop fabric
  • Woven layer technology for strength and versatility
  • Light diffused (88%)
  • Prevents shadowing for a more even distribution of light onto crops
  • Increased photosynthesis for crop yield
  • 100% UV protection for humans and plants
  • Less evaporation and less water used for irrigation
  • IR – Infrared protection leads to less heat transfer meaning a more constant temperature throughout the day and night (R3 rating)
  • AD – Anti-Drip (sometimes called AC anti-condensation) prevent condensation which can lead to mold and uneven light distribution
  • UVA – Ultraviolet protection prevents sun deterioration and ensures the cover material will last 10 years or more (comes with 6 year UV warranty)
  • Anti-Dust protection helps repel dirt from the surface instead of creating static that attracts dirt and impairs light.

What's Included

  • Aircraft aluminum anodized poles
  • The hubs are made from a nylon poly carbonate that is heat, cold, and UV resistant
  • Fitted door
  • Two people can setup the frame in 1 hour; on person can set up the frame in 2-3 hours. No tools are required for set up. No nuts, bolts, washers, channel locks, etc.


  • Diameter: 16 feet
  • Floor Space: 202 square feet (ideal conditions will provide fresh produce for a family of 4-6 people)
  • Two (2) ventilating windows
  • Built to withstand 90 mph winds, heavy snow loads, golf ball size hail, and even earthquakes because of the geodesic structure and remarkable cover.
  • Height: approximately 9.5 feet
  • Weight: approximately 175 lbs. (Shipping weight = approximately 210 lbs.)


  • 5 Years Warranty covers every aspect of the greenhouse

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