3/4 inch Diameter Shrink Band Tamper Heat Seals
3/4 inch Diameter Shrink Band Tamper Heat Seals

1 3/4 inch Diameter Perforated Shrinkband Tamper Evident Seals

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1 3/4 inch Diameter 

Dimensions: 60mm x 35mm

Shipped Length Flat - 3 3/8 inch. Shrink Bands are shipped flat and open to round diameter.

Shrinkwrap bands assist in creating a tamper-evident seal that is ideal for packaging products like food and cosmetics.  Shrinkbands shrinks easily with extreme heat is applied.(200°F - 250°F

These bands shrink up to 50% of their original size. A heat gun is the preferred method. Hair dryers fall short not producing enough heat. 

Size it up:

1st - Determine the size you need, simply measure across the diameter as shown  


Rim Width Option - 1" or 2" wide ( vertical measurement )

Quantity Option - 200 or 1000 band count

Easy to use directions:

1.) Slide a clear band over the top of the bottle.

2.) Apply heat from a device such as a heat tool gun.

3.) Move heat around band allowing bands to shrink, which usually takes a few seconds, depending on the heating device used.

4.) Stay Safe >> Make sure to keep your skin out of direct contact with heat. 

Shrink Bands are compatible with Heat Gun (Click Here To Purchase)

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