Silly Jar " DAB" Silicone Stand Containers
Silly Jar " DAB" Silicone Stand Containers

"DAB" Dish Silicone Stand Containers by Silly Jars

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1  DAB Stand Silicone Silly Jars Concentrate Containers with 2 x 5ml containers.

Nothing sticks to the Silicone !

Ideal solution for concentrate. The silicone material makes for a simple storage answer for any sticky wax or oils. Simple twist off cap allows for easy and reusable use throughout the product lifetime.

  • Stand Spells Out Work "DAB"

  • Silicone containers are great for 100% recovery.

  • Made of silicone

  • Comes With Two ( 2 ) Silicone Containers

  • Containers Nest In the "D" and "B"

  • Dab Tool Holder On Back

  • Pop on Lids.

  • Engineered specifically for concentrates

  • Container measures 1.25 in x .70 in

  • Storage Volume: 2 x 5ml

  • Storage Capacity: 2 x 3/4 gram

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